Lunch time is about to get magical—especially when you pack one of Snack Pack’s new unicorn pudding cups! The company announced earlier this year hat the new product would be coming soon and we can barely contain ourselves.

According to the packaging, each pastel-colored pudding cup is made with star dust and unicorn tattoos. If this doesn’t get your kiddo excited for lunchtime, we don’t know what will!

Instagram user The Junk Food Aisle originally spotted the new treat at the Sweet and Snacks Expo several months ago––which we didn’t even know existed but now we totally plan on crashing next year. The pink, purple and blue pudding packs have yet to hit the shelves in grocery stores so we are seriously wondering what they taste like and when we can get our hands on them.

What we are sure of, is that once we get our hands on one we promise to take a picture and share with the amazing #YASSSUNICORN hashtag!

––Karly Wood



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