You know and love IKEA for all things sleek and affordable when it comes to setting up an abode for your family. But, did you know the Swedish interior design powerhouse also has a few quirky products for kids too? We went on a treasure hunt and found the most fun things at IKEA you didn’t even know you needed. Keep reading to see them all.

Dog Bento Box

The most fun thing about this wacky dog-shaped bento box? You have to turn the ears to open it up. 

Buy it here, $4.99.


Ear Lounger

Listen up, folks. This ear-shaped cushion is perfect for relaxing and lending an ear for story time. Dimensions are 23 ½ " x 60 cm.

Buy it here, $7.99.

Wind-Up LED Flashlight

The genius here is two fold. First off, you can teach your kids about how energy works (they have to wind it up to produce and store the energy to power the light) and second, you'll never have to worry about the batteries being dead during a storm. 

Buy it here, $6.99. 

Panda Pillow

Because who doesn't need an adorable panda pillow? Dimensions are 20 x 20"

Buy it here, $9.99.

Baby Bumpers

Only IKEA could manage to make baby-safe table bumpers almost look chic. There's eight in a pack. 

Buy it here, $3.99. 

Bike Trailer

Bet you didn't know IKEA sells bike trailers! While this one isn't okay for carting around your kids, it does make the perfect spot for hauling groceries or running errands after the kids are in school. It weighs in at 24 lbs and can easily snap on to almost any adult bike. 

Buy it here, $199. 


Can't find the perfect pillow during your IKEA run? Well, no worries. Grab some of their fabric and make your own. Offering almost 30 different colors and prints, let your creativity run wild. 

Buy it here, $5.99 & up. 

Piggy Bank

Not only is this cute piggy bank made of plastic, so it won't break if dropped, it can only be opened with pliers, which means your kids will really learn about what it means to stash and save. Plus, you can use it as a bookend too! 

Buy it here, $4.99.

Wacky Puzzle

A puzzle is a puzzle, but this one will throw you for a loop. Not only are the details teeny tiny, but the puzzle pieces come in different sizes. How's that for family night? Best for ages six and up, it comes with 23 large, 88 medium and 100 small pieces. 

Buy it here, $6.99.

If your kid's room needs a little glow, how about this strand of star lights? It's got LED bulbs, which means you'll get 10 times more energy than regular bulbs.

Buy it here, $17.99. 

Origami Folding Paper

Did you know that folding paper will help your kids keep calm and and focused? Yeah, neither did we. We also never knew you can grab origami paper in all sorts of colors at IKEA. You'll get 78 single-colored origami papers: 13 colors and 3 shapes (triangle: 10x10", circle: dia. 10" and square: 10x10"), two of each.

Buy it here, $6.99. 

Paintable Masks

Do you need a party activity/favor? Are your kids in need of props for the play they're writing? IKEA can help you with that. These paintable masks come in human and dog form are waiting for your kids' creative minds. 

Buy it here, $4.99. 

Unda the Seal

This fun and quirky pillow/toy is the brainchild of Natalia, aged eight, from Poland. We love the fun colors and the pocket that is perfect for storing Unda the Seal's fish lunch! 

Buy it here, $4.99. 

—Gabby Cullen



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