Is your fridge getting a little overrun by your kiddo’s artwork? Looking for a way to preserve a particular masterpiece? Alas, these are the struggles one must deal with when your kid’s an artistic genius. (But you’re not biased, right?) Luckily, we’ve done some scouting and found several fun ways to transform and organize your pint-sized Picasso’s work. Flip through our slideshow below and get inspired.

Art Inspired Toys

Maybe you’ve seen this awesome company floating around Pinterest—and for good reason. The genius idea behind Budsies is that you can send your youngster’s drawing in and they’ll produce a cuddly and adorable stuffed toy based on the specs. The site is super user-friendly, with options that include sending in pics of your kid’s art via text message. Worried about how the Budsies folks will interpret your kid’s scribbles? Never fear—there’s a description box that will let you clarify some of those artistic choices.

Do you know of another art-tastic way to preserve your kiddo’s creativity? Let us know in the comment section below!

— Abigail Matsumoto