With thousands of games, books and videos available through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited the real challenge is deciding where to begin. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite games, shows and books to help your young learners get their gears turning for back-to-school season.


BOOK: Brain Quest: Pre-School – The book version of this popular flashcard series is a great way to get the gears turning for young learners with a challenging, but fun question-and-answer game.

GAME: Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Little explorers will love following along with Daniel to discover all of the people and places in his amazing neighborhood. Each location, from Daniel’s school to the doctor’s office and grocery store has plenty to check out, including mini games.

SHOW: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Fans of the beloved picture books will have a blast joining Mouse and his pals Pig, Moose, Dog and Cat as one fun-filled turn leads to another.

BOOK: 5-Minute Marvel Stories – These short, but action-packed stories starring popular superheroes are the perfect way to entice your reluctant readers into enjoying books.

GAME: Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens – Young STEM-lovers might not even realize they’re working on logic and physics as they solve these puzzles because they’ll be too busy having fun and laughing at the goofy characters they can create themselves.

SHOW: Little Big Awesome – Follow along on some wacky adventures as best buds Gluko and Lennon love life and find ways to lend a helping hand to the citizens of Townopolis.

BOOK: Descendants: Junior Novel – If your Descendants fans are already missing the villainous crew that debuted their third film this summer, this novelization of the hit films is a great way to fill their time.

GAME: Ben 10: Up to Speed – With the Ominitrix at your fingertips Ben 10 fans will have no problem chasing supervillains through obstacles and saving the world. This run-style game incorporates new challenges at every level to keep experienced players on their toes.

SHOW: Niko and the Sword of Light – Ten-year-old Niko is the world’s last hope in the battle against darkness and adventurous. Watchers will love joining him on his epic journey to victory.


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