With thousands of games, books and videos available through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited the only real challenge is deciding where to begin. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks to get kids in the spirit of kindness and gratitude for the holiday season.


BOOK: An Awesome Book of Thanks – This beautifully illustrated picture book inspires kids to be thankful not only for the obvious things, like family and friends, but everything in the world around us.

GAME: Little Critter Just For You – This interactive book app, gets kids thinking about being helpers while teaching vocabulary and reading skills.

SHOW: Team Umizoomi – These mini math-powered heroes lend a helping hand to the citizens of Umi City while teaching your little helpers about shapes, patterns and basic arithmetic.

BOOK: Katie Woo: Katie Saves Thanksgiving – This title in the popular beginner chapter book series finds Katie coming to the rescue when it looks like Thanksgiving dinner might not come together.

GAME: Dr. Panda Farm – As you head into the season of festive parties and big family dinners, exploring how food grows on a farm can be a fun way to get kids thinking about being grateful for what’s on their plates.

SHOW: Thunderbirds Are Go – No matter where disaster strikes this heroic team is ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

BOOK: Baking Class – These easy-to-follow recipes will inspire your junior master chefs to assist you in the kitchen with the Thanksgiving dinner prep.

GAME: PetWorld Wildlife America – Show some kindness to the animal kingdom with this fun app that lets your young rangers care for wildlife and create their own animal rescue.

SHOW: Dogs With Jobs – People aren’t the only ones that can be helpers, kids will discover how heroes can also have four legs in this sweet series about the different jobs that dogs do around the globe.

When you purchase a new Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet it comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited at no additional cost. FreeTime Unlimited offers thousands of content titles for kids ages three to twelve years old. To purchase an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet for 20% off, use code REDTRI.