If you’re stuck in a dinner time rut, why not take a cooking class with an expert? It’s not easy to squeeze in time and energy to learn something new when you’re a busy mom, but thanks to MasterChef and Gordon Ramsey’s elite proteges, you can add some flair to your cooking routine from the comfort of your own couch.

If you’ve ever watched MasterChef and wondered if you’ve got the chops to cook like a semi-pro, now you can learn. Craftsy, a site dedicated to offering online tutorials for all things creative, has just introduced “Cooking With MasterChef.” The courses, which are offered as part of Craftsy’s Culinary All-Stars series, are taught by former winners of the reality hit MasterChef.

The courses feature five streaming video lessons that can be viewed anytime, downloadable recipes and even one-on-one instruction with the chefs using an online messaging forum. There are currently two classes available for $29.99 each: Homestyle Favorites and Restaurant Results.

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