They’re your go-to for stamps, and every year your kid pens a letter to Santa, but when’s the last time you bought birthday presents for your children from the United States Postal Service? Turns out, not only can you buy shipping supplies and stamps online, the USPS has an extensive online shop full of toy trucks, cool t-shirts, toddler costumes and more. We scoured through the site to bring you our top favorites here.

Editor’s note: At the time of publication all items were in stock. We’ll try to keep this post updated with items that are still available but they go quick! 

photo: USPS

Cheers Postal Delivery LLV

Your inner Cliff Clavin would be proud to be associated with this nostalgic line of toys. 

Find it here, $5.99

photo: USPS

1971 USPS Jeep-Blue

Die-cast toy that brings a retro vibe to your playspace. 

Get it here, $5.99

photo: USPS

USPS 1971 Jeep-White

It comes in white, too! 

Get it here, $5.99

H.D. Truck Series 9

Deliver the goods to all your LEGO Minifigs with this cute tiny trailer truck.

Get it now, $12.99

photo: USPS

Dodge Durango

Not all mail trucks are jeeps! Check out this cute little Dodge Durango truck for your collection.

Find it here, $5.99

photo: USPS

The Art of Magic Kit

The USPS teamed up with acclaimed magician Mac King to make this card-trick set. Includes Art of Magic USPS stamps.

Get it here, $34.95


Dragons Pop-Up Book with Stamps

This 24-page book celebrating dragons includes six pop-ups and four dragon stamps. 

$39.95. Buy it here

US Mail T-Shirt

Show your love of the USPS with this 100% cotton tee.

Find yours here, $9.95


USPS Mail Carrier Costume (Toddler)

Available in size M (3-4) or L (4-6) these adorable costumes come complete with shirt with logo, pants, hat and mail carrier bag. 

$24.95. Buy it here

photo: USPS

USPS Mail Truck Ornament

This perfect ornament will deliver some serious comfort and joy to your tree this year. 

Get one here, $15.95

photo: USPS

Dear Santa Envelope Ornament

This sweet ornament pays tribute to the yearly tradition of writing a letter to Santa

Buy it here, $19.95

USPS Mail Truck Glass Ornament

One of three hand-blown, glass ornaments we spotted on the site (the others included a mailbox and a Santa mailman) we love how retro-modern this one is. It's Christmas soon enough! 

Get it now, $16.95


photo: USPS

Glass Mailbox Ornament

This shiny blue beacon wants you to write that letter to Santa! 

Find it here, $15.95

photo: USPS

Glass Santa Ornament

This new glass ornament is all kinds of sweet and seasonal, too. 

Find it here, $15.95



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