Vending machines—while convenient—aren’t exactly something you’d want in your kid’s school, especially if it was loaded up with potato chips and soda. But what about a vending machine for books? Yep, books. Turns out, kids absolutely, positively love it!

Buffalo Public Schools’ Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61 added something pretty cool for their kiddos. While they could have filled a vending machine with snacks and goodies—even healthy ones—the powers that be thought the treats should come in more literary flavors.

So how does this genius literacy tool work? Students in grades pre-K through 4 get tokens monthly. They can then use their tokens to choose a book. The students are free to read their book once, twice or as many times as they want!

If you’re wondering who thought of this brilliant idea, the vending machine awesomeness came from the mind of assistant principal Unseld Robinson. According to The Buffalo News, Robinson said, “Many children in Buffalo are not reading as much as they should. So the thought was to have them look to the vending machine for inspiration.”

The Community Action Organization paid for the vending machine ($2,000!) and added $1,000 worth of books. Scholastic and The Teacher’s Desk also donated books as well. When word got out about this amazing action, children’s authors took to Twitter, offering to donate their reads to the machine too!

Not only does the vending machine give the kiddos plenty to read, but it makes reading fun. Principal Parette Walker told The Buffalo News, “We wanted to make literacy exciting and fun.” Walker also added, “because learning and reading should be fun.”

We totally agree!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Element5 Digital via Unsplash



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