She might be fantastically fab, but former Posh Spice and current fashion maven Victoria Beckham is a mama just like the rest of us. Kind of, sort of. Well… at least she’s like the rest of us who have kiddos heading off to college. Check out what happened when Beckham had to send her eldest off into the great wide world of adulthood — okay, so it’s more like the great wide world of college!

Son Brooklyn, with super-hot hubby David Beckham, is heading off to college. Like many other mothers of young adults, Victoria is feeling the mixed pangs of pride and sadness as her son heads off to school.

In an oh-so-sweet Instagram post the mama and son cuddle and she writes, “We are all so proud of you Brooklyn. Amazing A level results and off to college.” She follows her aww-inducing post with #yesiamcrying.

Victoria won’t be left alone now that Brooklyn is off to New York City to pursue photography. She has three other kids who are still at home — Romeo, Harper and Cruz. Son Romeo, 14, will keep his mama company. And he’ll also miss big bro as much as his mom will. On his own IG account, Romeo wrote, “Brooklyn, I am going to miss u sooooo much.”

How hard do you think it will be to send your child off to college? Tell us in the comments below.