It’s not just you who can’t get through a phone call without your child being suddenly oh-so-desperate for attention. This Emirati businesswoman knows your pain—and inadvertently captured it on camera when she made the fatal mistake of trying to record a business video while her children were home.

Emirati social media commentator Khalid Al-Ameri uploaded the video, which shows his wife Salama trying to record a promotional video for her business. Very quickly it becomes obvious, however, that this is just… Not. Going. To. Happen.

“Salama tried to record a short video for her business,” Al-Ameri wrote in the Facebook caption, “this is how real the struggle is.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand her language. By the time she turns around and sternly says something to her husband, we all know what she’s thinking. And we’ve all been there, Mama.

The video has already been viewed more than 29,000 times. See it below.

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