If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you played with a Polly Pocket. The now vintage toy was every little girl’s dream, with tiny characters in a tiny world that looked just like your mom’s makeup compact.

With a new Polly Pocket generation alive and well, those vintage versions from the early 90’s are now a hot commodity. A quick Google reveals that the less than one-inch dolls and their cute compacts can sell anywhere from a few dollars to thousands!



An unopened Bluebird 1992 Partytime Stampers kit sets you back over $3,000 while a buying just a minifigure to replace that one lost in the 80’s can start at $25 for one doll. While most of the items fetching top dollar are unopened Polly Pockets, if you have a stash lying around you can still rake in some serious cash by selling your collection online.

––Karly Wood



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