This story is bananas…literally! One cafeteria manager’s cute way to inspire kids is an idea that we all need to copy next time we pack up lunch for the day. When Dr. Sharon Shewbridge, principal at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia, tweeted a pic of Stacey Truman’s awesome inspirational hack, plenty of parents took notice. And for good reason!

For nearly a decade Truman, a cafeteria manager at Kingston Elementary, has brightened her students’ lives—through bananas. Yes, bananas. As Shewbridge’s Twitter post photo shows, Truman writes sweet little messages on each banana.

In an interview with WTKR News Truman said, “They call them ‘talking bananas!'” Even though the bananas don’t technically talk, they have plenty to say. The cafeteria manager noted that she started the banana tradition at home with her own kids. She took the idea to school with her, writing messages such as “smile,” “never give up” and “dream big” on each piece of fruit.

So how does Truman decide what to write? She told WTKR, “Most of them I came up with myself because I would just think about what you would tell a kid or what you would want to hear yourself.”

Truman’s clever banana idea is reminiscent of the motivational messages pencil hack that teacher Amanda Cox shared on Facebook in October. The teacher posted a pic of pencils that one of her students brought in. Like the bananas, each pencil had an awesomely inspirational message—courtesy of the student’s mother!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Mike Dorner via Unsplash



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