What happens when mom leaves for the day? This dad’s breastfeeding hack can help all those dudes on dad duty keep their kiddos happy and full in a BYOB-style—that’s for “bring your own boob.” Confused? Read on.

When Allen Lamarr Fails Jr.’s wife left the house, baby Ava wanted nothing to do with the bottle. Even though she was hungry, she wanted only one thing, but it wasn’t exactly on the menu with dad in charge. That’s when Fails had an idea.

So how did the dad save the day? He cut a hole in his shirt and put the bottle inside. With the bottle’s nipple just barely sticking out of the tee, baby Ava took to it without hesitation. Problem solved—hilariously, to boot.

Fails’ genius hack isn’t exactly the first breastfeeding dad dude discovery. Last year dad Anthony Favors tried this trick with his baby daughter and nearly three years ago another dad, Chris Allen, tried the same thing. Whatever works and gets baby fed, right?

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Burst via Pexels



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