Motherhood is hard. Beyond the challenges of navigating parenting are all the other hurdles that come along with having young kids, from pumping milk to losing sleep, and of course all the mom guilt. One mom’s viral post about pumping at work captures all of it and we can so relate.

Ambrea Jackson is a working mom of two living in Melbourne, Florida. Jackson recently took to Facebook to share a picture of herself pumping at work. She starts her post with, “Being a nursing, pumping full time working mom of 2 is HARD. Being a mom PERIOD is HARD.”

Jackson goes on to explain that she feels like a burden to her coworkers over spending twenty minutes at a time several times a day pumping enough milk to keep up with supply to feed her new baby. “Add in the house work, the homework with a 4 year old, a healthy sex life, focusing on my mental health and little to NO sleep during my work weeks and you have an exhausted pushed-past-your-limit day. Every day,” she notes.

There’s no doubt that every mom has felt this way at one point or another. It can often feel like your drowning in responsibilities, especially when you have an infant at home and are surviving on a minimal amount of sleep. It can be a lonely feeling, but as Jackson so aptly points out, knowing that other moms are feeling the same can make you feel a little less alone.

“I think all nursing moms need to remember that they are not alone,” Jackson told Babble. “When you’re in your bedroom or nursery with your baby in the middle of the night, your house may be quiet and lonely, but just two streets away there’s probably another nursing mama up with their little, too. I find comfort in knowing that there is another human up doing exactly what I’m doing at that exact moment in time.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Wes Hicks via Unsplash



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