Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing and these pint-sized entrepreneurs sure know how to make a sales pitch. One Girl Scout, whose “Redbone” parody to sell cookies went viral, hit the jackpot when the song’s hit-maker, Childish Gambino, bought every last box she had to sell.

Charity Joy is a Daisy Girl Scout from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s clearly a big fan of Childish Gambino, a.k.a. 21st century renaissance man and actor Donald Glover. Charity took his Glover’s song Redbone and rewrote the lyrics to turn it into a sales pitch for her Girl Scout cookies. The video quickly went viral garnering thousands of views—but that was just the beginning for this pint-sized businesswoman.

In an appearance The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Donald Glover was promoting the new season of Atlanta when Colbert decided to share the “Redbones” Girl Scout cookie video with him. He then surprised Glover by bringing Charity Joy herself out from backstage.

She presented him with her cookie order form—and he immediately purchased 113 boxes of Thin Mints to share with the audience—more than enough to fulfill her sales goal and put a giant smile on her face.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Share your picks in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


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