Sure, your kids might be the ones asking “trick or treat” on Halloween night, but they haven’t done all the work to get them ready for their big candy night. Who bought or made their costume, dressed them up and escorted them around the neighborhood? Who checks to make sure each piece of candy is safe? We do, that’s who—and this Halloween “candy tax” form for parents makes sure we get our rightful cut of the sweet profits!

Husband and wife team Johnny and Joanna are the genius creators behind Letterfolk, those letter boards you see all over Instagram. Last Halloween, they also introduced their hilarious Halloween candy tax form via IG, too.

“There are only two things that are certain on Halloween: candy and taxes,” they explain at the Letterfolk website. “Few teaching moments are better suited for helping your children learn about hard work, sweet rewards, and having said rewards taxed and consumed by their overlords. And it’s only appropriate that you, their parent, should help them understand these valuable lessons.

The Halloween candy tax form states that it’s “universally approved by parents” and “one hundred percent legal,” just in case your kids give you the side eye about its validity. You can tally up your kids’ sweets by chocolate and fruity confection and apply the following formula to calculate your due: your child’s age equals their tax bracket. Multiply candies by tax bracket and there you go, parents—your candy tax payment.

Photo: Letterfolk

You can download your very own Halloween candy tax form from Letterfolk here.

—Erica Loop, Keiko Zoll

Featured Photo: Rawpixel via Unsplash 



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