So, you think you know how to eat a pineapple? As it turns out, you might be doing it “wrong”—at least according to this now-viral pineapple-eating hack that Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey recently shared on Instagram.

Pineapples are challenging (at best) to dig into. That’s probably why you might be likely to buy the more expensive store-prepped, pre-sliced version instead of dealing with the spiky-skinned fruit as a whole. If Headey’s hack is any indication of just how easy it actually is to eat a pineapple, your fruit salad-making days are about to get cheaper!

So how does Headey eat a pineapple? Check it out for yourself:

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With one simple #gamechanger, the Game of Thrones star basically blew the internet’s mind. After posting a video to Instagram featuring a pull-and-peel approach to eating a pineapple, the social media-verse took notice and joined in on the fruit-eating fun.

Of course, DIY-ing this hack yourself may not prove as “fruitful.” After Headey’s hack went viral, plenty of people took to Twitter for the #PineappleChallenge. Some of the tweets showed off a perfect pineapple pull-and-peel, just as Headey had shown.

Sadly, some others weren’t so lucky.

If you’re wondering how to replicate Headey’s hack at home, start with a super-ripe pineapple. The juicier it is, the easier it is to pull segments from the core—and the better your chances are.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Eepeng Cheong via Unsplash



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