There’s something to be said for the pure thoughtfulness of a child. Case in point, a now viral letter from a student to his “teacher grieving the loss of her dog” shows just how completely considerate some kiddos can be. Gemma Dunne, a Scottish elementary school teacher from Glasgow, suffered the loss of her beloved furry friend recently.

The Year Five, the Scottish equivalent of our fourth grade, teacher returned to her classroom following the passing of her 18-month-old golden retriever Charlie after a tumor diagnosis. The tumor was pressing on the pup’s heart — making it inoperable. The dog had to be put down the day following the diagnosis.

When Dunne went back to work her students immediately saw her sadness. Like many pet parents, Dunne had talked at length about Charlie. Along with talking to her students about the dog, she also had shown them plenty of pics and videos.

Not only did the kids feel Dunne’s grief, but one boy took his sadness and turned it into art! Nine-year-old Callum, one of Dunne’s students, penned a poem that featured one line for each of the letters in CHARLIE. The touching tribute was so sweet that the teacher’s daughter, 20-year-old Lucie, tweeted a photo of the poem, writing, “Mum’s been so upset about the dog being put to sleep and stressing about having to go back to school today, and she got this from a wee boy in her class.”

With over 151,000 likes and more than 29,000 retweets, it’s clear that more than a few people see the absolute sweetness in the young boy’s gesture.

Has your child ever done something similar for a teacher, family member or friend? Share your story in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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