You can’t get anything without asking for it…right? Well, that’s what mama Constance Hall did. The mom’s Facebook rant about asking for help went viral,  detailing how she got what she wanted. That is, she got what she wanted until she stopped asking for it. Okay, okay, this sounds kind of common. You’ve been there, done that. Yep, and that’s what makes this story so, so, so comforting. It’s probably also what got Hall’s Facebook post (where she tells her story) over 73,00 shares, 25,000 comments and 160,000 reactions.

After Hall complained to her friends that she does everything around the house, someone suggested that she get specific and ask her family to pitch in and help out. So she did. She got really, really, really specific. That’s when her other half and her kiddos got their acts together and did exactly what Hall wanted.

But when Hall stopped asking, she also stopped getting the help she needed. Writing on her FB page, “And so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not your job to ask for help,” Hall kind of nails what many of us are thinking. She goes on to add, “Because when the nagging stops, when the asking dies down, when there are no more lists…All your left with is silent resentment. And that my friends is relationship cancer. It’s not up to anyone else to teach you consideration. That’s your job.”

While Hall’s sentiment is a pretty popular one, Facebook commenters had plenty to say. One noted, “If you want a man that does stuff then you should pick a man that does stuff…don’t ask me where you find such a unicorn but don’t expect a donkey to sparkle.”

Hmm. To list and nag or just expect? There’s clearly no easy answer.

Do you ask for help when you need it? Share your thoughts in the comments below. —Erica Loop


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