Sometimes traveling isn’t…um, exactly relaxing. Okay, okay, when you’re traveling with kiddos in tow, it can be downright difficult. But when Angie Solis and her son with autism went through airport security, something kind of magical happened. The mom and her 13-year-old hadn’t flown since the now-teen was a toddler (before his autism diagnosis). And she was understandably worried about their trip.

Solis writes, on her Facebook page, “I was overly anxious and driving myself nuts about flying with my son for the first time. He’s 13…and has autism. I was worried about airport security and how his anxiety would create a giant meltdown.”

With the long airport security lines, waiting with the hundreds of other passengers was a no-go. As the mom and son approached the line, Solis says that her son pointed and said, “no thank you.” And here’s where the story could go bad. Really, really bad. But it doesn’t. Instead, TSA agent Alesea stepped in.

According to Solis’s Facebook post, “She spoke directly to my son. She treated him like a person with feelings and a voice and worth. With her super powers she lifted a divider, motioned us through, and escorted us to the front of the line.” Even though the family did have to go through security, TSA helped make it as comfortable as possible—with a 14-minute from the front door to the gate time.

Not only does Solis praise TSA (and especially their agent, Alesea) for the help, but she also uses her post as a PSA of sorts to explain that people traveling with someone who has special needs can get a stress-free security check by calling TSA Cares, at 855-787-2227, three days before the flight.

Have you had an above-average air travel experience? Share your story with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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