Technology has changed a lot in our daily lives in the last two decades, including the way we parent. This viral parent-teacher conference video is hilarious proof that some things just aren’t quite what they used to be. Read on to see the hilarious footage.

Created by blogger Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins, her video shines a very, very funny light on how different it is to parent in the digital age versus the experience many parents today had themselves as kids growing up in the eighties and nineties.

In the video Jenkins plays dual roles as both teacher and parent at a parent-teacher conference. In her short video, she illustrates some of the experiences that are unique to millennial parents, like digital classroom behavior apps to send messages home—instead of the old note pinned to the sweater routine of bygone days. And then there’s that whole pressure to get kids Harvard-ready before they graduate…kindergarten.

Beyond the Class Dojo jokes, the real message of the video is actually a pretty good one. While we might not want our kindergartners just “eating glue and coloring pictures,” there is definitely a lot more pressure on kids than there was when Gen Y and older millennial parents were kids—so maybe we could all consider pumping the “brakes a little with all the seriousness,” as Jenkins puts it so amazingly in her video.

You can see more of Jenkins’ hilarious videos about parenting at her Juggling the Jenkins YouTube channel.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Juggling the Jenkins via YouTube



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