Last week, Google released its “Year in Search” video for 2017. In just 2 minutes, Google revealed the array of what the world searched for over the past 12 months. In many ways, it’s not surprising what we Googled this past year, but Google’s video is surprisingly emotional and hopeful.

What is surprising is how much we Googled about parenting this year, and how many viral parenting moments were featured in the video. Here are all 11 parenting moments from Google’s “Year in Search 2017” video.

How to Help

The video opens with some very intense imagery of social and political turmoil around the globe—but then the "Year in Search" video moves to one of the most Googled questions: "How to help." In a moving series of clips, we see a mom carrying her child on her back through flood waters as people searched for how to help Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. (And yes, Puerto Rico still needs our help.)

Looking Upward

The video continues in a hopeful manner, with the words "how to watch the eclipse" overlaying beautiful scenes of America's first total eclipse in nearly a century—including one fascinated toddler.

What Every Parent Wanted to Know This Year

After questions such as "how to make a difference" and "how to be a strong woman," Google reveals another major question that dominated its 2017 searches: "How to be a good parent."

Overwhelming Love

As 4-year-old Gage Neville watched his stepmom marry his father, the little boy burst into tears during his stepmom's wedding vows. What made the moment so special is because Gage's stepmom wrote vows just for her stepson. (I'm not crying, you're crying!)

"Just Hug Me Daddy!"

This video of an Uber driver dad consoling his daughter captured our hearts. In June, Popiando Vazquez comforted his 2-year-old daughter Tiara as she appeared inconsolable in the their car. Major "grab your tissues" moment!

Backwards & in Tennis Shoes

Hey, remember that time Serena Williams won the Australian Open... while pregnant?

This Baby Dancing to "Beat It"

Who doesn't love a baby moonwalking to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" in a baby carrier?!

The Peacemaker

After the parenting clips, the video flashes the search query: "How to be a superhero," before cutting to a clip of 26-year-old Ibn Ali Miller breaking up a street fight went viral for all the best reasons. In the intense encounter, Miller—using only words—stopped the two teen boys from beating each other up, despite a large crowd of "friends" egging them on. During the 4-minute video, Miller reminds both boys (that he doesn't know) how hard their parents have worked to make sure they succeed.

Best Worst Work-From-Home Moment Ever

Next up: "How to be fearless." It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since this amazing moment was caught on camera, when viral BBC dad and professor Robert Kelly was interrupted by his 4-year-old daughter Marion, as she burst into his once-in-a-lifetime interview live on international television.

Hopper For Life

The brief scene of David Harbour as Stranger Things 2's Hopper dancing became a treasured meme of parents doing whatever it takes to get their kids to crack a smile. 

Looking Ahead

Despite a tumultuous 2017, Google keeps its vision towards what ahead not just the future of search, but for our next generations of curious young change-makers.

Search on, indeed. You can watch the full Google “Year in Search 2017” video below and explore an interactive Year in Search 2017 Google Trends page here.

What viral parenting moments stood out for you in 2017? Share your favorites in the comments.

—Keiko Zoll