No one likes to think about what might happen in the event of a big car accident, but just a little bit of preparation can go a long way to ensuring your kids’ safety if the worst ever happens. A photo of this mom’s car seat safety hack is going viral because it offers a simple, but very important way to keep your little ones safe.

The Rose City Area Fire Department in Michigan recently shared a post on Facebook with two pictures of a car seat. The close up shows a small slip of paper that has a child’s name and vital information, like date of birth, parents names, emergency contacts and health conditions.

The caption reads:

“Way too often do firefighters come upon a car wreck with child(ren) in the car who are too young to have any info and parents are unconscious. It takes two minutes of your time to write out child’s name, DOB, parents’ names, DOB, emergency contacts, and any medical conditions, any meds your child is on, and even child’s doctor, then stick it to the child’s car seat. This helps EMS a ton and can also help save your child’s life.”

While the post garnered a few hundred likes and comments, it wasn’t until one mom decided to copy the hack and share it that the idea went viral. When mom, Alexis Copas spotted the fire department’s post she immediately decided to add the genius car seat hack to her own son’s seat.

She shared pics of her own label on Twitter and the post was retweeted thousands of times with other parents commenting that they would be doing the same.

Have you used this clever tip on your own car seats? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pixnio


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