Every new mama needs some help. And maybe that’s why this dad’s breastfeeding hack has gone viral. We get it. Dad doesn’t have…um, the right equipment to nurse baby. You need breasts to breastfeed. So the fact that dad isn’t built with his very own milk supply means he just can’t do those midnight feedings. Oh wait, maybe he can.

When dad Anthony Favors tried to soothe his daughter with a bottle, the little girl just wasn’t having it. So he tried a pretty genius breastfeeding hack that totally solved the problem… and it worked!

So, what’s the secret to Favors’ success? He cut holes in a t-shirt at nipple-level and put a bottle inside. Yep, that’s right. Favors used a breastmilk-filled bottle nipple as a mommy substitute. #goals

But Favors isn’t the first proud papa to try this super-smart hack. When Chris Allen’s fiancée went back to work he had to take over feeding duties. Allen posted a video of himself ‘nursing’ his baby daughter, noting, “I guess it’s like breastfeeding. Right?”

Not only are these ‘breastfeeding dads’ creative in their solutions to a very male problem, but they also show their total daddy dedication.

Do you have a parenting hack that’s as imaginative as these? Share your idea in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jonas Kakaroto via Unsplash 


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