If you’re looking for some awwwwsome adorableness, the viral photo of these firefighter dads and their babies is absolutely everything. Okay, okay. So we’ve all seen pics of hot foremen (not literally hot, we mean their complete cuteness). And we’ve all seen super-sweet social media posts featuring babies. So what makes this photo so very special?

The photo features seven firefighters from the Glenpool Oklahoma Fire Department and their kids. Seven firefighters in one department all having kids isn’t exactly shocking. But the fact that all seven babies were born within one year kind of is. Yep, that’s right. The seven firefighters who work together all became dads at roughly the same time.

When mom Melanie Todd, wife of Glenpool firefighter Dusty Todd, shared the sweet pic on Facebook and Instagram it got what it deserves—plenty of attention! Todd posted (on FB), “Something is in the water at the Glenpool Fire Station! #firefamily #babyboom #5girls2boys #7babiesin1year.” The babies, who may juts be the stars of this show, range in age from 4-weeks-old to 15 months.

Even though the seven dads all work together, none of the families planned this year-long baby boom. Melanie Todd told Yahoo Lifestyle, “We’re all young adults and just in that phase of our lives.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Melanie Todd via Instagram 


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