Going to the doctor can be super stressful for both parents and kids, but when you have a pediatrician and balloon artist all rolled into one, good times will be had by all! Recently Reddit user MrTrevolta shared a photo of his son’s trip to his doctor and now we all have pediatrician envy.

Apparently, prior to becoming a doctor, the family pediatrician was a balloon artist! And she didn’t just give MrTrevolta’s son any old balloon animal, she made him a JET PACK—with lifelike flames, a gas tank and handles.

Apparently it took the saint of a woman less than 5 minutes to whip up the jet pack, but we’re sure it lasted for hours of fun for junior. If you look closely at the upper right hand corner of the photo, you’ll see the doctor’s massive supply bag, which means she takes her balloon-making skills pretty seriously.

We’re absolutely certain that her balloon creations not only bring a smile to every patient’s face, but ease the fears and worries of parents, too. Now, can we make an appointment?

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Adi Goldstein via Unsplash


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