Nobody ever said that mommy-ing was easy. But this mama duck has adopted 76 ducklings, and we’re pretty sure that she has us all beat. Like seriously—she totally wins for Mom of the Year!

So here you thought raising two or three kiddos was crazy-hard. Now imagine having more than 70 little ones traipsing around behind you. That’s what this duck had to endure—that is, after adopting (yes, adopting!) what looks like an entire herd of fuzzy baby ducklings.

When Brent Cizek saw the kind of crazy duck scene in Bemidji, Minnesota, he immediately snapped pics of the super-sweet scene. The mama duck immediately got the attention of the internet, after Cizek posted the photo on Instagram and Twitter.

After the first photo, Cizek continued to follow the flock, noting that there are upwards of 75 ducklings now. The photographer told PEOPLE, “I saw Mama Merganser in front and all of the chicks followed in tow. It was a pretty remarkable experience, so I tried my hardest to get a photo. The water was pretty rough in my small boat, making it next to impossible to keep the entire family in frame, so I fired off as many shots as I could, praying that one should would be in focus.” And boy was it!

If you’re wondering how Cizek knows that the duck is an adoptive mama—it’s more of an educated guess. Obviously the duck isn’t dishing on how many babies she actually has. So that leaves it up to what we know about these birds. While ducks can incubate up to 20 eggs, the large number of ducklings in the pics most likely means that the brood-happy mom picked up more than a few babies who lost their way and happened to imprint on her.

Now that’s one amazing mama!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Free-Photos via Pixabay


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