Little Learners Southport’s viral post about kids’ toothbrushes is teaching moms around the world a thing or two. The post, from an early childhood program in the United Kingdom, makes a point that should be painfully obvious to all of us—but clearly isn’t.

When mom and owner of the Little Learners Southport childcare center, Holly, stumbled upon a tip that she reportedly found on a new toothbrush’s packaging, she decided to share it with everyone she could. The head smack-ingly simple “why didn’t I realize that” solution in her Facebook post has since made it quite the viral share among parents online.

Photo: Collusor via Pixabay

The post highlights something that just about everyone already knows: the bristled end of most kids’ toothbrushes have colorful little lines or patches on them. If you’ve ever wondered what in the heck those are those are actually for, the owner of Little Learners Southport has an answer.

Apparently, according to Holly and her Facebook post, the colored bristles are actually “toothpaste indicators.” Yep, that’s right: those colored blotches on the bristles show you where to put the paste and just how much you should use.

Hmm. Now go ahead and look at how much paste your kiddo slathers onto those brush bristles. If it spreads way beyond the color, then they’re using too much.

Okay, okay, before you start trying to get fancy just to get the paste on that itty bitty line of bristles, some brushes don’t use the color strategy for placement purposes—these indicator bristles instead fade over time as your child uses the toothbrush, letting you know when it’s time to for a replacement. Always read the directions or instructions on your child’s toothbrush for the details that are specific to the brand or model.

—Erica Loop


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