If you’re thinking, “Not another hilarious pregnancy announcement. Come on, haven’t we seen it all?” The answer is no, you have not seen it all—yet. Cue: dinosaur pregnancy announcements, and we predict these will be the new hotness.

Sure you’ve seen buns in the oven (literally, actual buns in real ovens), chalk boards, letter boards and all kinds of other cuteness when it comes to sharing exciting pregnancy news. But when Nicole Berkley of Aubrey, Texas orchestrated her baby announcement, she didn’t go for something that everyone else has seen before.

You guys…that egg. Besides all of the dino-costumed hilarity, it’s the egg that just totally makes this whole pregnancy announcement so creative and adorable!

The mama of four (and soon-to-be five) has always had an affinity for dinos. But her dino-love didn’t end at adulthood. Berkley told PEOPLE, “My family, we’re all pretty big Jurassic World fans…We wanted to do something that was fun and fit with our personalities. So, I came up with the idea to do dinosaur costumes with our pregnancy announcement.”

And that’s when Berkley ordered T-rex costumes for her family. Oh, but don’t think that only the kiddos got in on the dino-deluxe costume action. Berkley also ordered costumes for herself and hubby Daniel.

So what did the pregnant mommy do with her new costumes? She and her family went to Plano’s Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for a very special photo shoot with photographer Susan Garrett. With four kids and two adults traipsing through the park in massive orange T-rex costumes, the Berkley family made quite the statement. The mama admitted, to PEOPLE, “People walking by were stopping and taking pictures and videos of us. It was a spectacle.”

Yep, we’re pretty sure this announcement awesomeness was a spectacle—to say the least!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Rawpixel



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