Are you looking for some major crazy hair day inspo? Look no further parents, April Castillo has you in good hands.

Mom to two daughters, Ariel and Atlantis, Castillo decided that her four-year-old needed a wow-worthy style for crazy hair day. And boy, did she deliver! Taking inspiration from other crazy coifs, she created a basic French braid surrounding an Ariel doll, used hair color to make it green and voila––she just won crazy hair day.

Atlantis’s older sis, Ariel shared the pics on Twitter and ever since the style has gone viral. Ariel stated that her “mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win.”

Well, mission accomplished! The Little Mermaid-inspired design took home first prize, and while the PreK-er doesn’t understand what going viral means just yet, we’re pretty sure she knows how awesome her mom is!

––Karly Wood

Feature image: Elizabeth Lies via Unsplash



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