These days taking young kids on an airplane can feel like you’re playing a high stakes game of craps. Roll the dice the wrong way and you’ll end up with crying kids and angry passengers all around you. Luckily there are compassionate people flying the friendly skies and this story about one man’s reaction to a mom on a plane with crying kids is all the proof we need.

Jessica Rudeen was traveling by herself with her two small kids, a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old when both of them started crying before the plane even took off. With a crying baby in her arms, Rudeen struggled to get her toddler, Caroline, to take her seat. “Once I asked her to sit down, she started to get nervous and scared and it turned into a full meltdown,” Rudeen told INSIDER. “I tried everything I could to convince her to sit. She was having none of it and started screaming, ‘I don’t want to go, I want to get off the plane!’”

Every parent can imagine the horror of that moment. Luckily Rudeen was blessed with a new friend that came to her rescue. Father of two, Todd Walker, was traveling on the same flight for business and offered to lend a hand. “I honestly had no idea what was going on,” Walker told INSIDER. “Then I see this mom coming around the corner, and she has these giant eyes that are just filled with fear. Her kids are tired and angry and stressed.” He immediately offered to hold her baby and she gratefully handed him over.

Walker was able to calm the baby while Rudeen got Caroline settled and happy watching a movie. The kindness didn’t end there, however. While Rudeen fed her baby, Walker befriended Caroline, talking and coloring together. Later as they were getting ready to land, Walker discovered that they were headed to the same connecting flight so he helped them off, walked them to the terminal and switched his seat on the next plane so that he could sit with them and help.

Rudeen shared the story of Walker’s kindness on Facebook in hopes of reconnecting with him. The response, as you can imagine, was an outpouring of love for Walker and his compassion. The two were able to connect through his wife thanks tthe o magic of the Internet. Walker’s wife explained that he had been in a similar experience when their boys were young and a stranger lent them a helping hand. Amazing how a simple act can make such an impact.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pexels


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