The school year has barely ended and already there is a flurry of activity to help avoid the dreaded summer brain drain. From worksheets and reading lists to STEAM everything, if it feels like summer vacation has turned into school-lite, you’re not alone. One teacher’s summer packet went viral for standing out among the rest.

Pensacola elementary school teacher Betsy Eggart didn’t send her first-grade students home with a summer packet. Instead, she took to Facebook, with a post that has since garnered thousands of comments and likes, to present her anti-summer packet.

Instead of math and writing, Eggart is encouraging her student’s parents to focus on life essentials, like tying shoes and social etiquette, like learning to write a letter. Suggesting that families step away from screens and use the summer to spend quality time together. “We must look up from our screens and look at our children. They are growing so incredibly fast. We could spend this summer scrolling through strangers’ vacation pictures wishing we had their reality or we could be chasing our reality through the sprinkler in our own backyard.”

She also wants kids to just rest and relax. “I feel like when we just keep going and going and going, we hit a wall, and I think as adults we know that,” Eggart told CBS8. “We know for ourselves when we’ve been through a really busy season at work we hit a wall, and our kids do, too.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pexels


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