It can be hard to look back at certain moments from your childhood without cringing a little: that awkward haircut when bangs were cool. A horrible outfit captured forever on celluloid. Or, in the case of one Twitter user, photos of his preschool spelling homework.

Sal Perez recently took to Twitter to share some of his childhood memories and things quickly exploded. Perez shared a photo of his badly misspelled shapes with the caption, “Bro I had to be the dumbest preschooler out there.” His confessional post instantly went viral with thousands of comments and retweets. While some shared a laugh or two, and plenty added a hilarious reactionary meme, many followers shared their own challenging experiences with spelling and school work.

Yet others were quick to point out that despite the spelling mistakes, his work was actually right on par with his age level.

One teacher even pointed out that his phonetic spelling was an indicator of success in reading and writing later in life.

At any rate, he’s most definitely made the grade at keeping the Twitterverse entertained.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pixabay


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