If you have any doubts that technology hasn’t changed the way we interact, take a look at how one little boy used his Ring Doorbell to “talk” to his dad.

Dad’s just a phone call away. That is, unless you have a Ring motion-based camera doorbell. Even though the Ring Doorbell is a popular home security feature, in this case, it became a way for one little boy to ask his dad a very important question.

So what did the littler lad want to know? After mom sent him home to watch TV (according to the video she was nearby at a neighbor’s house), the boy wasn’t sure how to turn on the “kids’ channel.”

As the video shows, dad explains the process (while giggling, of course). After talking his kiddo through turning on the TV, the little boy asks how to get the “kids’ channel.” When dad suggests that it’s probably channel 25, he’s met with, “I don’t know what 25 looks like!” And that’s where the video takes a major turn to the adorable. The little boy kisses his dad, through the camera, over and over again.

Did the boy ever find the illustrious “kids’ channel?” We’ may never know. But this is certainly a case of dad—and doorbell—to the rescue.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Eyewitness News WTVO/WQRF via YouTube



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