There’s never a sweeter or funnier story than the one that your kids write together. Whether it’s intentional or not, tiny adults have quick minds and lines that wow us all. Check out the top sibling viral videos below, do they remind you of the little ones in your family?

Big Brother Tells It Like It Is
This big brother’s dead pan delivery is so on point he should consider becoming a comedian. If only we could remain as unfazed as him when our mini-me’s tears are unstoppable. Watch this short clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos for a quick laugh.

Six Brothers Welcome Their First Sister
For 13 years, the Lair family had boy after boy. . . until their seventh child turned out to be a girl. In this video, the six brothers meet their new baby sister – and their reactions range from adorable to amusing. Five-year-old Houston, for example, is worried about his sister’s potential affinity for pink: “I don’t like pink because it’s a girl’s color,” he said. Click the photo to watch the sweet video at Sacramento Bee.

Source: Sacramento Bee

Sadie Doesn’t Want Her Brother to Grow Up
Nobody is quite as flabbergasted as this five-year-old who can’t handle the fact that her cute brother won’t stay little (and cute) forever. Dad of Sadie, Alex Miller, uploaded this slice of life video four month ago and it’s gotten 36 million plays since.

Eloquent Pregnancy Reaction to a New Sibling
Trey is the king of all pregnancy reactions. When six year old Trey was told about the new plus-one to the family, his reaction is surprisingly eloquent, especially for one who is so upset. “This is exasperating!” he says when told the news. Check out the interview where Ellen figures out if Trey really knows what exasperating means.

Sweetest Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother
We’re not going to lie, the English accent is really doing favors for this little boy. With 6 million views, there’s a reason his reaction has gone viral. Not only is his excitement extremely contagious, but we’re smiling from ear to ear knowing that this 5 year old is already showing the makings of a great big brother. Join in the joy below.

Charlie Bit My Finger
Who hasn’t seen “Charlie bit my finger?” This video can be considered the grandfather of all viral videos, especially in the category of home video. Charlie and Harry, the starring kids of the show, have even become mini super stars in their own right with t-shirts and a blog. Have your kids tried reenacting this video?

What’s your favorite sibling video? Link it in the Comments below!