Imagine a world where you could always hear the voice of someone you love and safeguard that voice forever, even long after they’re gone. Well, you can stop imagining because that’s the world we’re living in.

More than photos or even video, voicemails have the uncanny ability to capture the very essence of a person speaking directly to you—and voicemails can be even more powerful than a photo or video for capturing the memory of a loved one—and here’s why.

Naturally Unnatural

You know the feeling—you’re hanging out at a party casually socializing and then suddenly hear someone scream the word “Smile!” You look over and see a big camera lens pointing directly at you: you freeze up, your heart accelerates and your brain busies itself analyzing the shape of the muscles in your face. 

It’s a totally natural response to a completely unnatural situation. Your response is in fact so natural that there’s a name for it: “camera shy.”

Everyone is at least a little camera shy, which is why it takes actors decades of practice to overcome their camera shyness enough to appear natural on film. When you see an actor believably yell onscreen, their performance isn’t impressive because they know how to scream (we’ve all been there), but because they can do it naturally.

No Lights or Cameras: Only Action

The same is true with the videos or photos that you personally take of your kids. They may smile and even talk to the camera, but there is always that barrier of being observed that is preventing them from truly being themselves. 

Whether they ham it up for the audience or shy away, the person on screen isn’t the same person you know. Not so with voicemails. 

Voicemails strip away the lights and the camera and create an intimate connection between you and the person leaving the voicemail. Think of it like a digital confession booth, with just you and the person on the other side of the screen. They can spill their thoughts in a safe environment, and you have the opportunity to be present and listen.

And it’s that sense of security and intimacy that allows for amazingly raw moments to happen on voicemail. Like a digital fossil, a voicemail can capture the very essence of a person and preserve it for the future. 

There’s Room for All Kinds of Memories

We love photos. We also love video. Our point isn’t to denigrate the amazing memories that are being saved thanks to those two popular and powerful mediums. There are certain things that both can do that voicemails can’t. 

For starters, they’re visual, and having visual mementos of your life is important. But our point is that voicemails can be just as powerful—and that they happen to complement both mediums perfectly. 

Photos capture snapshots in time, videos capture moving memories and voicemails capture the aural essence of those you hold dear. Together, your memories are in good hands—but it’s the voicemails that add entirely more intimate dimension that you just can get from photo or video.

Featured Photo Courtesy: sobima/Pixabay