So you want a donut? Well, you could head out to the local grocery store and buy a dozen. Or, if you’ve got a really, really, really extra-large family, you could go to the nearest warehouse club and buy a pallet of them. Oh, but you don’t want just any ol’ donut. Voodoo Doughnut is open at Universal CityWalk, and it’s bringing visitors all kinds of sugary sweet awesomeness!

Along with the warm weather, spring brought us all donuts—at Universal Orlando. Okay, okay. We know Orlando is in Florida. And that means two things: 1. Spring, summer, winter or fall, the weather’s pretty warm all year ‘round, and 2. This is the first East Coast Voodoo Doughnut location.

What can you expect from Universal CityWalk’s newest donut shop? To start with, much more than your typical bakery would bring. Voodoo Doughnut offers more than 50 different choices. And while they’re getting the usual suspects (such as frosted with sprinkles), they’re known for their…um, less of-the-norm flavors.

With donuts such as Tangfastic (yes, it’s topped with Tang), Mexican Hot Chocolate (with cayenne pepper), Grape Ape (with grape dust and lavender sprinkles) and Voodoo Bubble (it has a piece of bubble gum in the middle), you’ll find absolutely everything you never know you wanted.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort 


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