Summer is months away—but that shouldn’t stop you from booking your family’s vacation. If you’re dreaming of warmer weather and a getaway for the whole gang, you need to know about Vrbo’s latest travel-related data for the 2021 vaycay season.

What’s in store for summer vacation travelers this year? While many families didn’t get to go on their dream getaway in 2020, in 2021 it looks like things are changing. According to Vrbo’s stats, travelers are booking some of the company’s top properties earlier this year.

photo: Yulianto Poitier via Pexels

Currently, under half of Vrbo’s vacation homes in some of the top travel destinations are available for July. This represents an increase of more than 25 percent (compared to other years).

Not only are families booking their summer trips earlier this year, they’re also choosing longer stays and planning double-cations. Vrbo’s data shows 44 percent of travelers in the United States will take more trips this year.

Jeff Hurst, Vrbo president, said in a press release, “In years past, we’ve recommended that families book their summer vacations on Vrbo by late April to stay ahead of the curve, but this year, there are several reasons why families are eager and ready to book.” Hurst continued, “These signs are telling us that families should start looking for the perfect vacation home now before the selection and available dates become more limited.”

How can you get in on the summer vaycay rush? Even though your kiddos may still have a few months left of school (or home/cyber school), go ahead and turn your daydreams into reality with an early booking. Along with planning your trip in advance, the travel experts at Vrbo also suggest reviewing your vacation property’s cancellation policy. This adds extra flexibility into your summer-time plans if needed.

—Erica Loop



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