From the very beginning your little bundles will spend most of their time in sweet slumber. And however you choose to spend the moments between coos, cuddles and snoozes, VTech has you covered. Their baby monitors let you keep tabs on your little one without setting up camp on the nursery floor, and allow you to keep a close eye once they are on the move. So whether you need a second set of eyes or the peace of mind to close yours for a few, VTech has a baby monitor that will give you what you need as a new parent. Read on to find the best monitor for your growing family.

VTech Safe&Sound® VM343 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera

Watch your favorite program (i.e. your babe) on a big screen (4.3-inch) in hi-resolution full color with VTech Safe&Sound® VM343 Digital Video Baby Monitor. Equipped with night vision, you can keep a watchful eye on baby when they’re not in your arms no matter the hour. The remote parent unit let’s you pan and tilt to find the perfect camera angle without stepping inside the nursery, and then zoom in for a closer look at that sweet, snoozing face. Vibrating sound alerts and the two-way talk back feature allows you to quiet and soothe baby without hitting pause on the DVR. The camera also monitors temperature to make sure baby is always sleeping comfortably.

The VM343 gives you the ability to multitask, so you can watch the kids while making dinner or possibly going to the bathroom alone (now that’s a novel idea!). The digital transmission ensures all videos are protected against eavesdropping and interference, while while also cutting down on background noise.

This complete system ensures that mom really does see all! Compatible with up to four cameras (one included, additional cameras sold separately), the VM343 lets you keep a close eye on your little one whether they’re in the bedroom or playroom. You can even monitor multiple children or rooms at once with the split screen viewing feature.

Available at vtechphones.com for $199.95

Do you use a VTECH monitor? Tell us about your experience! If you’re not, which device best suits your family?

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