baked eggs, waffle sandwich, arugula strawberry salad 011Waffle iron panini with spinach, cheddar and ham is a great alternative to the traditional sandwich. The crunchy bread and oozy cheese are the ideal distractions for sneaking a bit of dark leafy greens into the mix, according to our friend Katie Sullivan Morford. Plus, this uncomplicated, versatile meal can double as a breakfast item, which is easily done by swapping out the ham for a bit of scrambled egg. We’re sold!

Makes 1 sandwich

2 thin slices sharp Cheddar cheese, each slice large enough to cover the bread
2 slices whole wheat bread
Small handful baby spinach
1 slice ham
Extra-virgin olive oil or non-stick olive oil spray

1.  Preheat the waffle iron.

2.  Put 1 slice of the cheese on 1 piece of bread. Top with the spinach followed by the ham and the remaining slice of cheese. Set the other slice of bread on top.

3.  Grease the waffle iron with the olive oil or olive oil spray. Put the sandwich in the waffle iron and press the lid down firmly. If your waffle iron has a latch, press again until the latch clicks into place. Cook until the waffle is brown and crispy. Remove from the waffle iron and cut in half.

Katie Sullivan Morford is a mom, food writer and registered dietitian.  You can find her family-friendly recipes and kitchen wisdom at Mom’s Kitchen Handbook