Google and Walmart are joining forces to make your life easier. Last August Walmart announced their partnership with Google. The two teamed up to offer customers personalized voice shopping. Now the tech giant and mega-retailer are making their original announcement even better. How? Check out what this partnership is bringing to you!

Google Home and the Home Mini are small, but powerful. With just the sound of your voice it can get you what you need (that is, via Google Assistant). Yep. It’s Google’s version of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo. Google’s voice-activated speaker service is now able to bring you more than two million Walmart items. And you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Not only is this partnership helpful enough as is, but Walmart customers can now link their Google Express accounts to their account. This allows them to get recommendations based on what they’ve already purchased.

If you’re considering investing (and it’s a pretty minor investment, at only $49 for the Google Home Mini) in the voice-activated virtual assistant, now’s the time to do it. If you buy your Google Home or Google Home Mini from Walmart you’ll get $25 off a Walmart order when you link your accounts together.

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