With the rising costs of post-secondary education, going to college for $1 a day sounds pretty rad, right? For Walmart employees, education benefit—such as a low cost college credit program—are life-changing perks of the job.

Walmart’s Live Better U takes the big box retailer’s education benefits and puts them all into one place. The platform supports associates’ educational goals on multiple levels, ranging from high school to graduate degrees and so much more.

photo: Logan Isbell via Unsplash 

Along with its “$1 a day” college program, Live Better U includes cost-free high school education (for both associates and their eligible family members), discounts on higher education degrees and discounts on foreign language learning programs. Beyond those perks, Live Better U and the broader Walmart Academy development program are helping associates to get college credit for on-the-job training, too.

Not surprisingly, more than a few Walmart associates are taking advantage of the generous, and much-needed, educational assistance. According to a recent press release, over 4,500 of the company’s associates have already enrolled in at least one of its programs!

With growing company and associate needs, Walmart has plans to expand the program, meaning more educational options and potentially a better career path for thousands of employees.

—Erica Loop



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