Walmart wants to take the hassle out of grocery shopping. Not only does the retailer have plans to test out its InHome delivery services (staff members deliver your groceries and unpack everything for you), but they also now offer Delivery Unlimited—a subscription service you can purchase by the month or year.

So how does Delivery Unlimited work? You choose either the monthly $13 or yearly $98 plan. If you’re not sure which plan you want, or whether you’ll like the service, simply sign up for a trial first!

photo: Courtesy of Walmart

To use Delivery Unlimited just visit Walmart’s website, order as you would through Walmart Grocery, book a time slot and pay for your purchases. Your total purchases per transaction must equal $30 or more.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between Delivery Unlimited and the regular Walmart Grocery service, the answer is in the delivery fees. With Delivery Unlimited you get to skip the per delivery fee.

To find out if Delivery Unlimited is available in your area, visit Walmart’s website here.

—Erica Loop



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