Forget about one-day delivery. Walmart is upping the ante with plans to deliver groceries to your door and more.

What could possibly be better than door-to-door delivery? According to recent reports, the big box retailer is getting ready to test a delivery/unpacking service. And if you’re wondering what that means—Walmart’s vetted associates will deliver, unpack and put your groceries away for you.

photo: Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart estimates it will offer Grocery Pickup for 3,100 stores and same-day Grocery Delivery for 1,600 stores by the end of 2019. The retailers newest plans, for “InHome Delivery” will start with a modest three city trial—in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri and Vero Beach, Florida.

How will InHome Delivery work? Place your grocery order online and select the service at checkout. That’s it! The Walmart associate will use smart entry technology to access your home (meaning you don’t need to stay at home and wait) and put away your groceries. Each associate will wear a camera during the delivery, allowing customers to watch the entire process remotely.

The three city trail will start this fall. As of now Walmart has not released details on InHome Delivery pricing.

—Erica Loop



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