photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr

Walmart wants to make your holiday shopping easier. And better, too! Not only are they expanding their in-store and online product choices, but they’re also offering something that everyone wants — free two-day shipping! If you’re into saving money and time (and who really isn’t?), check out what the big box retailer is giving their customers for the holiday season.

You have a zillion things to do during the holiday season. And that’s why you’re trying to order everything online. If you have to browse through the stores, you’ll never have enough time to get everything done. Well, Walmart wants to make your life even easier.

Order $35 or more on and get free two-day shipping. That’s free shipping, in two days and without a special fee or some sort of club to join. Oh, and if you’re ordering groceries for your holiday dinner, Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup can save you time too.

Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart U.S., Steve Bratspies, says, “Serving customers is our everyday passion at Walmart, and during the holiday season we work even harder to deliver what our customers want most…to save time and money.”

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