Shopping is about to get easier. That is, if you have Walmart’s Store Assistant app. The big-box retailer’s app already had features and tools that could save you time and money. But now they’re adding to it. With the new Store Assistant feature, you can transform that regular ol’ app that you’ve been using to shop Walmart into a magical…um, like the name says — store assistant.

So what exactly can the Walmart app’s Store Assistant tool do for you? Well to start with, it takes your shopping list from a bunch of random scribbles and not so on-target prices to an organized, streamlined experience. Seriously.

Okay so you’re writing out your shopping list in the five minutes you have to yourself before jumping into the minivan and heading for the store. Just type the general term (such as “milk” or “water”) into the search bar. When you find the item that you need/want, you can check to see if the store actually has it in stock. That means no more showing up just to find out you have to go somewhere else to get what you want. Oh, and if you want to know what the total damage is — the app calculates the total cost of your order, including tax.

Along with knowing what you’re going to buy and how much it costs before you even step foot in the store, Store Assistant also provides you with a handy dandy map of your local Walmart store and details on what departments it has (the info comes complete with department hours and phone numbers too).

You can forget about aimlessly wander Walmart’s aisles hoping that you’ll find what’s on your list just to realize that it costs triple what you had imagined it would. Yep, Store Assistant is a real shopping game changer.

What’s on your Walmart shopping list? Share your answer in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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