photo: Pexels

Oh, the joys of a delivery service. You can simply point, click and wait on your couch for someone to bring you your food. But then you have to get up, open the door, pick up the packages and haul them off to your fridge. Or not. Huh? That’s right, there’s a delivery service that not only brings you groceries to you, but also puts them away too! Who could be the genius behind this idea? None other than Walmart.

Yep, Walmart’s new delivery service brings you your food and then puts it away for you. Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly available across the country. Yet, that is. Currently, Walmart is testing this service in the Silicon Valley only.

So how does it work? To start with, you can get your groceries delivered, and tucked neatly into your fridge, while you’re out. Walmart is working with August Home, a provider of smart locks. You order your groceries online, then the delivery driver goes to your home. But you’re not there. The driver uses a one-time passcode for your smart lock and goes into your house. He puts your food away, leaves (with a locked door behind him) and you come home to a stocked fridge.

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