It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when you have an oddly-colored sheet set that your great-aunt sent, a dozen pairs of the same socks in the wrong size that your MIL gifted you with and eight pairs of leggings that your toddler will never wear. Yep. It’s return season! And…let the exchanging commence.

Now that Christmas is over and you’re stuck with gifts galore that you don’t want and can’t use, you’re ready to hit the big box stores and magically transform your not-so-well-loved presents into something that you’ll totally enjoy. Hey, you appreciate the effort. But you like what you like. And that’s totally fine.

Well, Walmart wants to help you with your returns. Instead of waiting in never-ending lines with everyone else who is returning their gifts, too, Walmart is streamlining the process. Now you can use the Mobile Express Returns feature of the Walmart app to start the return at home (or anywhere else).

The app will ask you how you want to get your return — by mail or in your local store. You’ll still need to go to the actual store to return your item. But you’ll already have a jump-start, making the whole process easier and more time-efficient. Just get into a Mobile Express Line at the store, scan your QR code and give the return to an associate to get your refund.

What holiday gifts are you returning and why? Share your return story with us in the comments below.