For most growing tots, things to check off the “I can do” list are: potty training, the ABC’s and counting. Well, for this little boy, he seems to have those things under control so why not learn Presidential quotes from some of America’s most famous leaders? When it comes down to quoting our Presidents (and giving some pretty funny impressions, if you ask us) he’s one step ahead of most guys his age, and likely the majority of grown-ups for that matter.

Watch the video as Jace’s mom quizzes her son on famous Presidential quotes as he takes a break from chowing down on what looks to be a PB&J sandwich (even little geniuses love PB&J). From JFK to Abraham Lincoln to Bill Clinton (we bet you never thought you’d hear a toddler proclaim, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”), Jace totally nails each quote from the famous American Presidents. Jace completely and hilariously gets into each role, hand motions, facial expressions, different voices, the works. Our favorite impression Jace does might be of Barack Obama (or Ronald Reagan, it might be a tie) but you’ll have to watch the video to choose for yourself.

You’ll have to watch the entire video to really appreciate all of Jace’s impressions. And, if Jaces makes you feel a little bit ashamed about your lack of Presidential knowledge and your ability to do impressions, don’t worry, we’re right there with ya.

Let us know in the comment section below your favorite Jace impression.