Just when you thought Gangnam Style was beginning to die off, another equally viral dance video crazy is sweeping the internet, this time in the form of crazy shaking. We’re talking about the Harlem Shake, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know all about this internet video fad that’s struck just about everyone from corporate offices to SeaWorld Animals. The videos all start off with a single dancer wearing a headpiece (a helmet, mask, funny hat, whatever you have on hand, really) and when the beat drops, a bunch of people dance like mad for about 15 seconds. With all this hype it was only a matter of time before kids wanted to get in on the action. That’s why we’ve rounded up some choice Harlem Shake videos that feature some very excitable kids showcasing their very best crazy dance skills. Eat your heart out, Psy.

1. Harlem Shake-kwondo
Taekwondo. Discipline. Focus. Dancing. Well it sure takes a lot of practice to get those moves down in the first 15 seconds of the video…the second half, we’re not so sure. While their dance moves might not earn them any points in a match, they sure do earn major style points in our book.

2. Father-Son Shake
We love when parents don’t take themselves seriously, especially when it comes to acting silly with their kids. This father-son duo is a perfect example of a dad who’s not afraid to show both his serious side and his crazy side. You can see the joy in his son’s face when they get to dance around in their costumes in the living room. Just check out the dog in the corner giving these two that “What are you people doing?” look. One thing’s for sure: no matter what the age, boys will be boys.

3. The Honda Shake
And then there are the parents that act a little too silly, as is the case in this video, where the little guy dancing in the front seat doesn’t quite know how to react to the crazy adults dancing next to him. He gets over it quickly enough, and the dance party continues, complete with styrofoam peanut confetti.

4. Harlem Shake: Family Edition
Who said that dads and kids get to have all the fun? Here’s one mama who’s holding it down for the ladies, starting off this Harlem Shake video with her own super cool dance moves, right before she trips over the beanbag chair in the middle of the room (been there, done that). Luckily, the beat drops and the living room is transformed into a colorful mess of toys. By the looks of it, the parents are having way more fun than the kiddos…perhaps a little too much fun. Hilarious nonetheless.

5. The Harlem Skate
There’s just something funny about watching kids try and dance while keep their balance on roller skates. Just watch as the kid in the gray shirt gets more and more into his dancing before he starts that all-too-familiar arm-flailing attempt to keep from falling over. We dare you not to laugh when he starts to take a tumble. He’s not alone however, as he’s joined by a mess of stumbling kids who have a harder time staying upright than a drunk college student.

6. Harlem Shake Son
Talk about stealing the show. This kid has got some moves, and we mean it! Just check out his outfit. And that wink to the camera? C’mon. With his female dance partners holding down the couch-stages behind him, this little guy could very well be the next dance sensation of the internet. Or at least his household.

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— Scott Wardell