Who knew that feeding kids would be so difficult (and so entertaining)? It’s hard enough finding things that your picky eaters will actually enjoy, let alone hearing them complain about what you’ve made! Well, these little tykes don’t have any problems about expressing their distaste for what they’re eating. These funny food faces capture just about every expression from surprise to disgust–all hilarious.

Not all parents can be great cooks, but by the looks on their faces, none of what these kiddos are eating looks very appetizing. But let’s be honest, until they start growing their own set of pearly whites, everything that they eat looks like a steaming bowl of mushy, primordial ooze.

Even if you do manage to cook them something that they will eat, who’s to stop them from trying to play with it? How often has your little one carefully and daintily eaten his or her food so as to minimize the post-meal cleanup? Never. What doesn’t end up all over their face is sure to be on their hands, their clothes, the floor and walls, and just about everywhere else within throwing distance. A box of handi-wipes, a trash can, and maybe a riot hose are about the only things that can clean those messes up.

What’s your kiddo’s funniest reaction to something you’ve cooked? Have they ever fallen asleep in their food or made a chaotic mess of themselves? Tell us all the details in the comment section below.